Week 5…Floki and the Chicken

After a week away from the Tuxedoed Terror, week five has rolled around. It was return to the vet week (uneventful but Floki will never look at the Vet in the same way after her temperature was taken 🙀).

Back at home Floki has, from day one, shown an interest in all foods human, but has been unsuccessful in her approaches. (This is a cats eat cat food household). Every crinkle of a packet or opening of a pizza box brings a strutting kitten to the room and, after a small amount of discouragement, interest would be lost and toys would be more fascinating  again.

But tonight was chicken… 

Floki has never had chicken, but clearly the Indie cat has been in charge of food selection lessons. As far as Indie is concerned Chicken is the food of the gods and she will make a concerted play for some every time, but tonight was different. She whispered in the kitten’s ear and sent her in.

Floki arrived on my lap about 2 seconds after I sat down. A barrier of veggies and sweet potato were in her way. She sniffed hard (attempting to inhale the chicken) but could not get close enough. Next she arrived next to me, leaning over, close to tipping point, in her efforts to get a paw full of chicken. No joy. Not to be thwarted she jumped over to my dinner companion, but no dice, a firm hand rejected her doe eyed attempts. Then back to me, a double check from the knee and the side to see if an opening had emerged, but no. And then a small black and white feline appeared over my shoulder with paw outstretched…. And this is still a cats eat cat food household by a whisker!

Floki is now sleeping on my guest, giving me the side eye, and plotting her next food heist attempts… Good luck kitty!


Week 3 … The breakthrough…

No, no human… No more embarrassing poop stories … And we are happy to report that the bath tub has been empty of water (and poop) for 3 days now! 

On to more important matters… Floki has now fully integrated with the Savannahs, they were all caught catching some rays and some Zzzzs on the same bed. As soon as they had been spotted they jumped up and headed out of the room in a rather undignified manner with an air of “move along, nothing to see here” …

New measures have been taken on the balcony after Floki was caught entirely on the wrong side of the railings, and no unsupervised visits are allowed. The Savannahs are not amused and have taken to eye rolling and tutting every time they hear the tuxedo interloper’s name. “Kids of today” sigh …

But Floki simply doesn’t care (and she promises she is black, really, it’s just the sun on her fur turning her into a chocolate tux). 

Week 2 at Savannah Towers

A quick intro for the Savannahs of Savannah Towers. Lounging at the front is Kasper, the first, and the “bro” of the pride. Hobbies include hound dogging the girls and drooling when content. Her regalness Indie, at the back, is self appointed empress of everything. Her hobbies include using humans as chairs and putting Kasper in his place. 

Both are now educating Floki – so far Indie has taught Folki to bite Kasper in the arse, and Kasper has taught Floki to poach carelessly abandoned half pouches of food and share the spoils. Today’s lesson is sunbathing, it’s going rather well…

Update on the bath pooping situation… It’s become apparent that I will now have to have at least an inch of water in the bath at all times … Having emptied the bath for a shower I foolishly left the bathroom without refilling – by my estimation it took less than 60 seconds for the tuxedoed pooper to do her work…

New for this week, Floki has now discovered two important things:

 1 The oven is the ideal spot to hide under to steal the big cats’ food (and then rush out making little growling noises).

2 The humans may think they have “Kitten proofed” the balcony but there is always a way to sneak around the defenses, create minor heart attacks, and cruise back to safety with a nonchalant glance. 

Important lesson not learned – do not chase bees. The sting has not happened yet, but it’s just a matter of time (and the Savannahs appear to be egging her on).

Floki’s First Week

Floki’s First Week

It’s been a busy week in Savannah Towers with the arrival of the tuxedo interloper on Saturday. Much hissing, growling and raising of fur has been done, but one week on peace has broken out.

Floki arrived as a boy kitten, dry furred with a few fleas hopping about. Since then he has stolen Kasper’s nip toys, Indie’s laser pen and all the foods.

Early in the week a new, dirty game was founded, namely pooping in the bath. Much dismay ensued for the next 48 hours, not to mention stinkiness! A potential solution was quickly identified … Put water in the bath.

The next action seem inevitable really, however in the interests of full disclosure it went like this … Floki scratching in bath … Floki lifted out of bath… Water in bath…. Floki in bath…. Water all over the flat… Floki in towel …

Fast forward to Saturday. A visit to the VET (on international Vet day). All three cats loaded into transporters, cue Kasper singing tunes all the way, Floki harmonising and Indie creating drool trails like waterfalls. The vet was pleased with all three (and not just financially) and the announced that Floki is, in fact, a girl! This may explain Kasper’s rapid turn around in affections, dirty old man.

All three kitties have been slowed down by the inoculations so let’s see what fun will ensue next week…